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Love Shine Light™ offers the perfect addition to your journey to optimal wellness, beauty and cellular health. 


Red, Amber, Green and Blue LED therapy are used to address a variety of concerns. Combining LED color therapies for a personalized protocol has shown to be very successful as well. 

Specific wavelengths of pulsating light from the visible spectrum have beneficial effects on the skin cells.


  • Red Light (640nm): Photo-Aging
    Increases fibroblast growth factor in macrophage cells. Red light exposure results in 5x the increase in collagen production, stimulating intracellular activity and new skin cell growth. The perfect adjunct to any anti-aging treatment


  • Amber Light (590nm): Scar Healing
    Increases lymphatic flow evacuating waste and stimulating cellular growth. Amber light is absorbed by body fluids in lymph and blood circulatory systems and boosts cellular activity with 5x the growth rate of new skin and muscle tissue. Excellent post-surgery treatment.


  • Green Light (525nm): Hyperpigmentation
    Increases lymphatic flow, evacuates waste and stiumules cellular growth. Green light treats general skin problems by decreasing melanin production and reducing pigmentation. Lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Blue Light (470nm): Acne
    Propionibacterium responds to blue light at 470nm and has been shown to effectively reduce non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne lesions and significantly decrease melanin levels.

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